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    S&A is a historical post-by-post roleplay that focuses on life of the wealthy in London, England during the social season. We are a mature intermediate roleplay with an emphasis on historical accuracy that strives to present a relaxed and fun roleplaying environment. Both historical figures and originals are welcome, and requested characters encouraged!
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    1/26/15 ~ Activity Check! You know what time it is - time to update our current list of active characters and members! Post if you want to remain active!

    1/18/15 ~ Head's Up! Adana has returned from hiatus, and announces what members can expect over the coming month.

    10/27/14 ~ Update! A quick update regarding the staff of the board and activity levels.

    8/20/14 ~ Time Warp! S&A is getting ready to move time forward while featuring new site events! Feel free to create your own or make suggestions on what you would like to see on the board!

    7/30/14 ~ Update 101! We've got a new staff member! Welcome Cat, our new Administrator!

    7/22/14 ~ House Claim! The way we do our house claims has been completely modified! Check out this thread to see how you can have your own home created!

    Character Bans & Caps! Check here to know what character types we are NOT accepting, and which ones we're highly encouraging!

    7/20/14 ~ A Day in the Life! A new ongoing series featuring guidelines for what characters in specific situations would typically accomplish or do throughout their day.

    7/17/14 ~ Revamp! We're getting this forum active once more! Check out this announcement to see how you can help!

    7/17/14 ~ Pruning Time! We are now having a typical activity check - post if you want to keep your characters or not! Don't worry, no account will be deleted unless ou request it!

    7/10/14 ~ Grand Opening! S&A hopes to officially open on April 1st! Woohoo! *cheers*

    4/1/14 ~ Now Hiring! We're looking for people willing to help out with some general admin stuff - handling claims, helping with advertising, and getting the board looking - and being - super active!

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  • IC Information
    April 1811
    S M T W T F S
    1 2 3 4 5 6
    7 8 9 10 11 12 13
    14 15 16 17 18 19 20
    21 22 23 24 25 26 27
    28 29 30
    Host an Event!
    Ongoing Events
    Parliament Is In Session: M, T, Th, F, & Sa from 3:45pm-7pm @ Westminster Palace.

    Ball at Almack's: Wednesday at 8pm, doors closing at 11pm, lasting until well after 1am @ Almack's Assembly Rooms.

    Night at the Theatre: Friday at 6pm to 10:30pm @ The Royal Opera House.

    Formal Dinner at Banham House: Friday, 3 May 1811 at 7pm, a formal dinner will be hosted by Lord Westnash (Evander J. Brightmore) in honor of the beginning social season. Plot about it here!

    NOTE: Spring weather in April ranges from 30°F/-1°C through 55°F/12°C on average. On days with snow, the weather must be lower than 45°F/7°C.

    Sunday: Brisk wind blowing from the north, accompanied with snow in the early morning (around 7am). The day warms up a bit, but is consistently overcast. It rains in the afternoon (2:45pm) with temperatures reaching 49°F/9°C) by 3 o'clock.

    Monday: The temperature dips to unseasonably cold temperatures, the warmest being only 35°F/1°C at around 3pm. The sky is forecast for most of the day, with the sun peeking out around 10am and again at 4pm for only 20 minutes each. Strong winds blow from the north, and it snows consistently throughout the day.

    Tuesday: Great gusting gales plague most of Londoners, with the wind brisk, but slightly warmer than Monday. The sky is overcast.

    Wednesday: Deceptively calm in the morning, the wind picks up at around noon, and dies back down in the late evening. The sky is partially cloudy.

    Thursday: The morning is one of the finest of the month so far with clear skies and little wind. The wind picks up around noon, blowing in light showers by 2pm that persist on and off until around 7pm.

    Friday: Partially cloudy in the morning, accompanied by a brisk wind, the day warms up with full sun from 9am til sundown.

    Saturday: Fog rolls in during the early morning and lingers until 10am before dissipating from strong winds. The day is overcast and gloomy, but no rain falls.

  • Staff
    Staff Account


    The Herald

    The Tattler




    Nicholas M. Brightmore

    Margaret A. Hamstead

    Lillian S. Hewett

    Charleana A. Whittington-Whalley

    Evander J. Brightmore

    Malcolm K. Barlow

    Agatha B. Wilson

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 ♛  Mandatory Information
All the basic information necessary to play on Sensibility and Ambition can be found within, including the plot, rules, credits, and information on how the board is run. Please be sure to read all information here carefully - it's mandatory!

7 4 Jan 21 2015, 02:36 PM
In:  ● London Gossip Chatbox
By: The Herald
 ♛  Announcements
Board announcements, updates, plot progression, changes to anything site-related - it can call be found here! Be sure to keep up with this forum, as some of the announcements here may affect everyone. Members are encouraged to reply to any announcement, to discuss it, ask questions, and offer feedback at any time!

10 22 Feb 5 2015, 05:39 PM
In:  ● A New Opportunity
By: Adana
 ♛  Feedback & Help
If you're experiencing technical difficulties, would like to know more about what features we have on the board, or need a bit of moderation help, you've come to the right place! Feel free to create your own topic if you can't find an answer within, and don't forget to check the FAQ before posting!

4 26 Aug 21 2014, 10:15 PM
In:  ● Ask Adana
By: Adana

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 ♛  Regency Era Guide
Additional information on the social customs and lives of Regency-Era individuals. These are not mandatory reads, but they are highly recommended, especially if you're unsure of protocol or have never roleplayed in the Regency era before. If nothing else, they serve as an excellent on-board source reference material! If you have a question that's not answered within, feel free to ask in the Ask Adana thread.

5 7 Jan 28 2015, 10:25 AM
In:  ● Compilation of Interesting ...
By: The Herald
 ♛  Registration
If you've read the mandatory information, and you're ready to create a character with Sensibility and Ambition, then proceed within for the application! Feel free to look through our canon list and requested characters (and character types/roles) before creating your character.

Subforums: WIPs, Submissions

-1 8 Mar 28 2014, 09:22 AM
In:  ● Application Template
By: The Herald
 ♛  Directory
When your character has been accepted, you can find their profile here - categorized according to their social class.

12 15 Jan 24 2015, 06:38 PM
In:  ● Levison Gallagher
By: Adana
 ♛  Claims
All our claims can be found in one spot - whether you're registering a title, claiming a celebrity, reserving a house, or updating our Who's Who directory! We advise members to place reserves in the appropriate threads while you wait for your character to be accepted, as our claims are first come, first serve.

7 10 Nov 6 2014, 06:00 PM
In:  ● House Claim
By: Adana

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 ♛  Plotting
Have a plot in mind, or just want to see what sort of connections you can make out-of-character? Post your idea or your character's shipping page here, and let the drama begin!

2 0 Jul 20 2014, 08:22 AM
In:  ● Upcoming Military Battles!
By: Adana
 ♛  Trackers & Timelines
Some of us are sticklers for a good timeline! We find that keeping track of when specific events occur as they happen can greatly aid in planning and plotting in the future. Each time we move time forward, the site timeline topic will be updated - you can always use this as a general reference when reading up on specific characters and their antics.

1 0 Mar 31 2014, 10:04 AM
In:  ● Master Timeline
By: The Herald
 ♛  Want Ads
Do you have a character you would like someone else to play - a long lost love, an overbearing mother, a greedy cousin set to inherit your character's wealth? Whatever the case may be, post a request within this forum, and hopefully someone will take you up on your offer.

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 ♛  Character Development
Character development beyond the character profile can be highly beneficial, especially when you really want to dig down deep into the subconscious that is your character's innate being. All information here is for your own personal reference, and is completely optional.

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In: ----
 ♛  The Written Word
If your character can read and write, this would be where all those little tidbits are stored. Diaries and journals can give a unique insight into the head of your character, while letters sent and received can be awesome in getting to know someone (especially in secret). Notes, articles, calling cards - anything that can be written, or hold notes by your character, can be posted within.

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In: ----
 ♛  Common Knowledge
Geared more toward the social aspect of court and london life, this forum serves mostly as a sort of reference to vicious gossip, scathing rumors, outrageous pamphlets in circulation, dry articles from the london times, and updates on what the celebrities (i.e. royals) of the time are doing. Life isn't easy in the political and social circles! You can also find more specific information about the current fashions, weather, and other social events of the season.

2 10 Mar 28 2014, 11:43 AM
In:  ● 1811 Fashions
By: The Herald

Collapse   Events
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 ♛  Parliament Is In Session
Each and every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, Parliament is in session. All those who are politicians in the House of Commons and those who hold aristocratic titles are required to attend Parliament at Westminster Palace from 3:45pm until 7pm, or otherwise arrange for someone else to attend for them. Heated debates, long monologues, and occasional voting are the typical expectations of a day in Parliament, as well as an aching back from hard, rigid wooden pews.

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In: ----
 ♛  Night at the Theatre
Frdiay, 19 April 1811, The Royal Opera house. With the doors opening at 6pm, and the opera starting closer to 7, lasting well until 10:30pm. All guests must have formal attire, and are advised to bring quizzing glasses, the better to see the performance and spy on other theatre-goers.

Rub elbows and gawk at the fabulously wealthy and socially prestigious ton as everyone flocks to the Royal Opera House for a night of theatre fun. Watch George Handel's Italian opera, Deidamia, several musical performances of up-and-coming musicians between acts, a performance by acrobats, and a finale of Pizarro, a romantic comedy sure to soften any stony heart.

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 ♛  Ball at Almack's
Wednesday 10 April, 1811, Almack's Assembly Rooms. The ball starts at 8pm, doors closing at 11pm, lasting until well after 1am. All guests must wear formal evening attire or be turned away at the door.

Every Wednesday, the Patronesses of Almack's Assembly Rooms come together and throw the most elite parties in all of London. Just to be invited is considered a grand accomplishment among social circles, and the Patronesses are ruthless with their decisions. A single minor miss-step can get you easily banned from Almack's, and with it, all of the upper ranks of polite society. Only the cream of the crop stay, and only the fashionable remain - though anyone can test the waters with enough money.

1 0 Apr 4 2014, 10:34 AM
In:  ● Almack's Assembly Rooms
By: Adana

Collapse   London
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 ♛  Residences
Whether you live in a small estate of the noble, fancy townhome of the rich or a gutter apartment of the poor, all London residences can be found within.

Subforums: Mayfair, St James, Marylebone, Piccadilly, Bloomsbury, Covent Garden, The City

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 ♛  Entertainment Venues
Whether it's a ball at Almack's, an evening at the opera house, a rare performance by a famous actress, or a day full of gambling at the racecourses, the entertainment venues are all you'll ever need for a smashing good time.

Subforums: Assemblies, Clubs & Societies, Gentleman's Clubs, Pleasure Gardens, Theatres, Other Entertainment

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In: ----
 ♛  Businesses
When you're in need of accessories, groceries, books, or other services offered by the local businesses, you'll always be in luck by visiting London's finest stores.

Subforums: Vendors, Floris of London, Fortnum & Mason, Hatchard's, Lloyd's of London, Rundell & Bridge, Workhouses & Factories

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 ♛  The Streets
A perfect example of a city that never sleeps, the streets of London are always awake. The hustle-and-bustle of city life makes for an exciting adventure, granted one doesn't get lost or distracted by the ill-mannered.

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 ♛  The Port of London
Ships ahoy! The London Docks are referred to as the Rookery (slums), and host a wide variety of activities, though it's highly over-run with thieves and vagabonds. Beware of scams, crooks, and prostitutes here - as well as overzealous former military men looking for work or sailor seeking a good time.

Subforums: The Docks

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 ♛  Elsewhere In London
From the workhouses to the prisons, the hospital to the chapel, the Houses of Parliament to educational institutions, and anywhere else your ladies and gentlemen might take a fancy to go, all manner of places and adventures can be found in London.

Subforums: Bethlem Hospital, Chapel Royal, Palace of Westminster

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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
 ♛  Great Britain & Ireland
Comprised of England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, the grand isle of Britain is the home of most of our beloved characters, marked by rolling green landscapes, craggy hills and mountains, and a tendency for blinding fog.

Subforums: The Country, Gretna Green, Lyme Regis, Dovedale

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 ♛  Foreign Countries
Every other country that is not located on the British Isles can be found within, including those on different continents, such as the Americas or the West Indes.

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 ♛  The High Seas
Whether you're sailing for fun, traveling to a new country, showing patriotism by joining the naval forces, or simply stealing as any respectable pirate would do, the High Seas can be both an exciting and deadly place to be. Watch for black sails, storm squalls, and strange fins in the water!

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 ♛  Chat & Games
Want to introduce yourself, talk about random stuff, or play a few board games? Good! You've come to the right place.

Subforums: Graphx & Coding, Leave of Absence, IC Games, OC Games

10 14 Nov 16 2014, 12:13 PM
In:  ● Leave of Absence
By: Adana
 ♛  Advertising & Affiliation
Our advertising and affiliation forum is dohtml enabled, allows both types of bbcode for centering, and allows guests to both view and post images. This is the only place you may advertise on the forum.

Subforums: First Link, Link Back

356 4 Sep 13 2016, 10:25 AM
In:  ● Moorland Manor
By: Mr. P. Beeswax
 ♛  Archives
Scrapped, deleted, completed, or irrelevant threads. This forum is set to read-only.

Subforums: Applications, OC Topics, IC Topics, 2014-2016

73 281 Feb 3 2015, 10:55 PM
In:  ● Lillian's Requests
By: Adana

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